Expanding the Cloud-Native Geospatial Community

At the Cloud Native Geospatial Foundation, we encourage the adoption of cloud-native data architectures that make geospatial data more accessible, faster, and easier to work with. We believe that cloud-native geospatial data is a powerful tool to help us achieve our mission of making more data more available to more people. We seek to create a larger and more diverse community of people who can use geospatial data to solve problems all over the world.

To highlight how different communities are using cloud-native geospatial data, we invite you to dive into real-world use cases from various regions, with the first series of regionally-focused webinars taking place next month:

Webinar 1: Cloud-Native Geospatial in Brazil (conducted in Portuguese)

In our first webinar, we shine a spotlight on cloud-native geospatial use cases from Brazil. Moderated by Daniel Wiesmann, product manager at Development Seed, we welcome Frederico Liporace, the chief technology officer at AMS Kepler, to talk about how China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS)/Amazonia satellite data on Amazon Web Services. Roberto Santos, the senior software engineer at Microsoft will discuss the application of STAC and GeoTIFF COG in FarmVibes.AI.

This webinar will be in Portuguese and scheduled for Dec 5, 2023, at 12 PM BRT | 3 PM WET | 10 AM EST. Register to attend this webinar here: https://lu.ma/CNG-Brazil.

Webinar 2: Cloud-Native Geospatial in the Pacific

In the second webinar, moderated by Geospatial Data Scientist, Wei Ji Leong from Development Seed, we explore applications of cloud-native geospatial in the Pacific region. You will hear from Alex Leith, the technical director at Auspatious who will briefly describe Digital Earth platforms and their journey to cloud-native geospatial. Data Engineer Leo Ghignone from AODN will introduce a cloud-native data platform for the Great Barrier Reef and discuss how they apply open source tools like STAC for their metadata catalog and pygeoapi for their data API. Then we have FrontierSI‚Äôs Earth Observation Technical Lead, Fang Yuan who will introduce an ArcGIS toolkit that FrontierSI has developed in collaboration with their partners. This toolkit uses Digital Earth Australia’s analysis-ready, cloud-native satellite data to map groundwater-dependent vegetation and track changes in vegetation over time.

This webinar is scheduled for Dec 14, 2023, at 6 PM EST / Dec 15, 2023, at 10 AM AET | 12 PM NZDT. To attend this webinar, register here: https://lu.ma/CNG-Pacific.

Who should attend the webinar series?

The webinar series is open to anyone interested in learning more about cloud-native geospatial, including:

If you have any questions, please contact hello@cloudnativegeo.org.

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