Join the GeoParquet Community Day in San Francisco

Join us on January 30, 2024, in San Francisco for our inaugural GeoParquet Community Day to highlight the usage of spatial data in Parquet, open table formats, and cloud-native spatial analytics. We are proud to have Wherobots as the convening sponsor.

Why GeoParquet

GeoParquet is an open-source project that recently released version 1.0.0, marking the culmination of extensive development, testing, and real-world usage. This stable foundation ensures reliability and consistency for the geospatial data community.

GeoParquet integrates spatial data into the Apache Parquet format, unlocking opportunities for data analysts, scientists, and engineers. It simplifies working with spatial data in the cloud and enables sophisticated spatial analytics.

The GeoParquet Community Day

The goal of this event is to introduce GeoParquet and the benefits of its practical applications to more people. Participants will learn from experts about how GeoParquet integrates into the spatial data ecosystem and engage in hands-on experience building an application.

What to expect

How to register

If you are interested in participating, we invite you to register here.

Call for speakers

Have you used GeoParquet in a project? Here is an opportunity to present a 5-minute lighting talk! Apply now to become a speaker.

Keep an eye out for potential travel grants

We may be able to support travel for attendees, contingent on funding. Stay updated with our latest announcements by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Interested in sponsoring this sprint?

We are seeking additional sponsors to make this event as inclusive and impactful. Sponsors will play a crucial role in two key areas: funding travel scholarships for those facing financial barriers, and growing the GeoParquet community.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please see our sponsorship prospectus.

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